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Strategies and Inspiration for Developing Resilience and Skill with People

Being diagnosed with Bone Marrow Cancer at age 32 certainly changed some things for me, learning to live with chemotherapy and uncertainty was challenging however over time I learnt to adjust … Amazingly, many of those lessons in Resilience, developed over decades, are relevant in the majority of peoples business and personal lives. Years later Prostate Cancer came my way, then my bone marrow condition, relatively under control for many years developed into far more serious condition. The only solution was a challenging Bone Marrow Transplant … only to relapse, being diagnosed with Leukaemia a few months after my transplant.

My resilience during many years of facing major challenges has helped me to develop not only a positive outlook but also practical strategies around emotional intelligence. Looking for good has helped me to  develop the capacity to show others how to be resilient themselves.

Prior to my illness of the past few years I worked with organisations developing strategies on how to improve their culture, their people, their communication and customer service strategies, lift their clients’ trust and engagement levels and seriously improve effectiveness with client interactions … by learning how to bring out the best in people … Now I can also give real proven workable strategies for building resilient people and systems, not just desirable, actually essential.

Over decades the I have studied people extensively and I can now teach you and your teams about developing resiliency and motivation in this challenging and changing world … Ultimately its all about understanding yourself and developing skill with people, being emotionally intelligent.

It’s like becoming the Ultimate Chameleon, being resilient and very adaptable … without ever compromising your values.

For 25 years I have worked with and developed many of these concepts in my own enterprises, where I led large teams of people … After my recent challenges I still enjoy and make it my role to stay educated and in touch with the latest thinking, concepts, strategies and ideas from around the globe. I have delivered and/or facilitated literally hundreds of seminars, workshops and keynote presentations. I am comfortable and experienced with varying groups, whether it is a room of CEO’s, professionals or talented support staff, from one on one mentoring to National Conferences, the largest group to date is 8000. I have regularly worked with groups ranging from 10 to 200.

My ideas are practical and come, not from theory or untried concepts, but from years of achieving great results in my enterprises and those of my clients. They are proven to not only dramatically improve your bottom line but to help position you and your organisation to achieve your goals and develop resilience. Clients find my practical and effective strategies simply deliver… over and over again!

Perhaps I can help you as well?

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