It’s all about resilience.


  • Your organisation with a resilient culture – one that can cope with change and the unexpected challenges.
  • Your frontline staff being resilient in the face of an ever-changing and ever-demanding customer base.
  • You having a resilient life so you can bounce from adversity and live life to the full.

My strength is that I understand people. I can help create effective, positive relationships between people within organisations to bring out the very best in everyone. I can provide strategies and inspiration to increase resilience – it is a form of future-proofing.

Just what you need.

Conference Keynote

I carefully plan & craft/create each presentation because each story has the power to educate, inform, move & motivate us all. Words stir our emotion and our emotions stir more than our soul, they stir our Imagination .. and it was Napoleon who said .. Imagination rules the World.

Keynote Title:

  • Matters of the Heart & Mind – Leading a Resilient Life


I have three base workshops that cover resilience at different levels. Please select the workshop that best suits the requirements of your organisation:

  • Developing Resilient People – Not just desirable, actually essential.
  • Creating a Resilient Organisation – It starts with people but doesn’t finish there!
  • Developing Resilient & Accomplished Customer Service Teams – Robust frontline personnel are key to ongoing customer service excellence.

Consulting – Strategies for building resilience

Determine how your organisation will perform during difficult times. Our diagnostics will identify weak spots and our team of experienced consultants can provide practical solutions.

Personal Mentoring

We all have times when we wish we had an experienced person guide us or to help find the answers to those challenging situations. I have mentored many achievers from all walks of life through tough situations, and helped to enhance their leadership, communication and people skills.

Facilitation – Planning Sessions/Business Retreats/Workshops/ThinkTanks

Experience the alignment, creativity, commitment and productivity that comes from a tightly focused event. Having your team focused and on the same page can deliver massive productivity increases. My facilitation skills ensure you get the best possible outcomes from your meetings.

I may be able to help you.